About Verona Tours

About Verona tours guides Lorella and ValeriaLorella Mostacchi and Valeria Biasi are two licensed local guides with over 20 years’ experience guiding tours in and around Verona.  In 2010 they were the first to offer private tours of the city. Spend an afternoon in their company and you’ll quickly come to love Verona as much as they do. (All private tours are personally hosted by Lorella and Valeria.)


Lorella Mostacchi

lorellaBorn in Zurich and raised in Italy, Lorella has spent the last 15 years living in the the area between Lake Garda and Valpolicella.  Her deep love of art and history is always on display as she leads tours around the city she loves. She is also currently pursuing a Master’s degree in cultural assets. Lorella loves good conversation, rollerblades and opposites like vanilla ice cream with hot raspberry sauce and reliable people who don’t take themselves too seriously. She has an uncontrollable passion for high-heeled shoes, interior design and for Igor Mitoraj’s sculptures. Lorella speaks German, English and French.

Valeria Biasi

valleriaValeria was born and raised in Verona and has lived there her entire life. She has a degree in Ancient Roman Archeology and a love of architecture forged both at home and on summer vacations throughout Europe.   She considers it a privilege to work with people who are not from Verona or Italy – it’s just like travelling without leaving home. Valeria loves working with small children and adolescents, finding it a wonderful and very educational challenge, and she is raising globe-trotter children.  She avidly devours anything that is “of the present”, such as pop music, a new fashion collection, or an art exhibition. Valeria speaks English and Spanish.


About Our Small Group Tours

about-guides OUR GUIDES
We have selected a group of licensed tour guides who are reliable, amiable and enthusiastic: we do what we love and love what we do.


The tour duration – a little longer than usual- allows you to see everything without being rushed, always staying within your maximum physical, psychological and emotional comfort zones.


about-groupsOUR GROUPS
The idea behind our small group size is that it allows you to have personal contact with your guide, share your ideas and take an interactive part in the tour. Read Verona Tours TripAdvisor reviews here.


about-nextWHAT’S NEXT
At the end of the tour, our guides stay on a few extra minutes with you, just in case you need any tips, suggestions or recommendations. You can rely on us to provide your real, Veronese experience!

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