Amarone – Verona’s Famous Red Wine

You’ll find wine at every family event, religious feast, and celebratory event in Italy. If you’re in Verona for a party of any kind, you’ll likely raise a glass of the locally produced and world famous Amarone del Valpolicella. This rich Italian red wine, often called simply Amarone by locals, is known internationally for its […]

Five Things To Do on Your Lake Garda Holiday

We’re going to let you in on a little secret destination near Verona that is a favorite spot among Italians. Just a 30-minute drive outside of charming Verona you’ll find Lake Garda, the largest lake in Italy that is also a breathtaking fjord. It’s a truly picturesque location, particularly at its north end where the water’s […]

Italy By Foot: The Most Exciting Walking Tours of Verona

One of the best ways to see all of the things that make Verona so special is to do it on foot! The traditional “group tours” offered by other tour providers can be overcrowded and rushed, while walking with Verona Tours allows you to slow down – “stop and smell the roses” – and really […]

Planning Your Summer Vacation to Verona, Italy

If you’re starting to plan your summer vacation, put Verona on your list. Italy is consistently ranked as one of the top five most visited European countries and it’s not hard to see why. Start planning early to have the widest array of options to choose from. As you start to plan think outside of […]

Verona’s Most Exciting Small Group Tours

Share the experience. A Verona adventure that’s twice as much fun with friends! Founded in 2010 and led by Lorella and Valeria, two licensed local guides, Verona Tours is Italy’s leading private and small group tour company, providing real Veronese experiences for their guests. The small group tours are especially popular because guests get to […]

Our Private Verona Tours Promise Experiences of a Lifetime

Discover a city you don’t expect in a private tour with our passionate expert Verona Italy guides. Licensed Verona, Italy tour guides, Lorella and Valeria, have been helping people “discover a city they don’t expect” for 20-years. They love Verona and are passionate about showing visitors everything that Verona has to offer – from the […]

9 Reasons to Visit Verona

Have you ever wondered why William Shakespeare chose to make Verona the setting of his famous tragic romance Romeo & Juliet? We can only guess, but there are so many reasons Verona likely captured the Bard’s attention more than any of the other beautiful cities in Italy – unique features that still enchant visitors more […]

Things to Do In Verona: Go to the Opera

Built in the first century the Verona Arena – the third largest in all of Italy – was famous for the lavish operas performed there. It’s still in use today. As you plan your trip to Verona, consider adding an evening of opera to your itinerary. Here are some upcoming shows in 2016: La Traviata plays on […]

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