Bespoke private tour in Verona

Bespoke private tour in Verona Image

After more than 20 years of professional guiding, we have decided to double down:

Verona Private Tours without fixed itinerary!

Here comes the story.

When we started working as local guides, our challenge was to deliver all the facts, dates, names, like a catalogue or a walking encyclopedia: every detail seemed equally important and crucial. This did not last long, luckily. We became pregnant (yes! both! at the same time!), we paused for taking care of our little ones. Later, back to work, we had come to the awareness that the time for a significant change had come.

We set aside some time for thinking, researching, sharing sensations and talk to the people we had been meeting: what is valuable for travelers? What is memorable for them? Is it the monuments? Or is it the lives of people behind them? How do travelers connect with the places? How could we throw a different light on sights and people? Are our travelers missing good local spots because of our lack of courage? You know, it is easy to take people to the list of classic and iconic places they expect to see. But… is it what gives the real flavor of the city? Are all audiences engaged by seeing and learning the same things? And what is  our role as guides?
Responsibility towards our travelers and our beloved Verona urged.
We sensed we wanted not only to be guides delivering you mere facts, but insiders who want to give you the lowdown.

This private tour is the result of that process.

So, let us tell you what happens on this tour:

  • You learn about “the classics”, but in a provoking way
  • You see monuments that are very meaningful: a nice hidden corner or that intimate little church sometimes important for the locals only
  • You treat yourself to a long tour time and you spend it your way: that’s the real luxury
  • The itinerary is only yours, since it’s crafted in real time, with our guidelines

What’s included:

  • 5 hour conversational guided tour: 3 hours on walk + 2 hours with a chauffeured Mercedes car for a short escape in the green vineyards or to a Medieval village, to a cellar, a garden or villa
  • Admission to 3-4 monuments
  • An Italian, hearty merenda
  • Your own conclusions and long-lasting memories, that will only get better over time

On our way through this process, we realized that what we strive for is also for the Good of the city of Verona. When tours uncover real, under-track meanings, locals are pushed to do so on their hand: they see themselves with the sympathizing eye of a stranger and they warmly endorse their heritage.

If you got to here reading, it means you are ready to immerse in your one-off experience with us… beyond Romeo and Juliet!

5 hours at disposal, comfortable shoes and a dialogic approach.
Inquire for more information at and when you meet us, don’t forget to ask us about the next step we dream about!


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