spring is a state of mind Spring is a state of mind
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Spring is a state of mind- Thoughts in Covid time

Only what you celebrate exists” (D. McMillon): two birthday celebrations. In 2020 we celebrate two very important milestones both in our work life and in our families, but...

March 11, 2020

2010: since the year before, a world- wide economic crisis was affecting every single aspect of our everyday life. 

Fewer people were traveling. 

We were in the process of envisioning a different way of executing and selling our tours. We felt the need of delivering very curated, personal tours. At the same time, we wanted to promote a direct connection of our travelers with the beloved places where we lived and worked.

As per ourselves, we were living a very joyful and special moment in our lives: we were both pregnant! We happily put our work on hold for a while: It is a significant moment for a mother and a child and you know that it will never come back!

Matilde and Federico were both born in Spring, in April and May respectively...

That was also the kick off of our new project: VeronaTours.

We had the awarness that this was happening at the very start of a new, demanding working season. We were not being able to work exactly when it was important to focus on the new business, but....

2020: 10 years later, we are here to celebrate the 10th birthday of both VeronaTours and our two kids.

In this moment of celebration what is happening?

It is spring again, and there is a new world- wide crisis happening: to this date, the COVID-19 virus is threatening our business, our country, the entire world and is having dramatic consequences on many aspects of our work and everyday life.

While experimenting the total stop of the business in these early 2020 months, once again we are here to innovate, preparing new tours, scouting new places and envisioning bright future seasons, getting ready for your next visit. 

For us spring is a state of mind.

We want to say a sincere and big THANK YOU  to all our guests from all over the world (some of them became good friends) because they made it possible to celebrate this 10th anniversary that is both the anniversary of VeronaTours and of our people.

Kimberly, Don, Tom, Marie, Wayne, Chris, Tiffany, Anita, Xavier, Patricia, Claire, Serena, Valentine, Denise, Roberto, Hope, Friedhelm, and all the other special people that we have been meeting over these 10 years: grazie!

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