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Book a Verona local guide, directly

How you can be smart, save on your travel budget and consciously support small, local travel industries when you decide to travel after Covid-19 world crisis...

April 21, 2020

The Covid-19 crisis made Verona transition from over- tourism to desertification in one week.

Since every difficult moment is an opportunity in disguise, when we start to travel again, which is the lesson learnt? We all agree that over- tourism was very negative, but what can each of us do to fix it up?

Pre COVID- Money spent by travelers mainly going to international, worldwide Online Travel Agents (OTA)
Post COVID- Deal directly with independent local players, cutting out middle- man
Avoid the anonymous online marketplaces that aren’t rooted in that specific place (Verona, in this case). In booking directly, you see and talk to your guide beforehand, you support highly qualified local workers and families, you save money (20% to 25% of the total price) and you don’t feed the big tourism corporations.

Pre COVID- All travelers going to same, blockbuster sights
Post COVID- Look for local tour guides rather than a tour operator
It’s like choosing a local trattoria over a chain restaurant. If you want an authentic experience you’re more likely to find it in a boutique setting.
When you walk the streets of Verona with professional local guides, you can count on getting an accurate picture of the local culture rather than stereotypes and generalities from someone who doesn’t know the area well. Certified, independent tour guides break down the barriers between visitors and locals and let you enjoy a less hurried pace, knowing exactly the things to do in Verona, Italy.

Pre COVID- Template, standard tours sold as conscious and customized
Post COVID- Insist on personalized service
When you deal with independent tour guides you deal with fully-registered Verona tour guides who are passionate about their city, not bored sales reps with a quota to fill. And more importantly, when you contact us directly, we perfectly know how to minimize the impact on fragile sites. At VeronaTours we have been delivering boutique private tours for 10 years: it is our blueprint

Pre COVID- A babel of fake guides and certified ones listed together
Post COVID- Search out certified tour guides with verified expertise in art, history and culture: consider your source.
If you really want to explore the real Verona, find a credible guide with verifiable credentials and life experience related to the city. In that way, After this crisis, for sure everyone will be more conscious of the impact of their travel can trust that you’re getting genuine, heartfelt interpretation. Here is where you can check out the official list of all certified guides of Verona city.

When you want reliable, inspired experiences exploring Verona, you can count on Verona Tours. Our mission is to deliver honest, in-depht, non- obvious private Verona tours.

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