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Not Rome, not Venice, not Florence- Verona is a mighty minor city

Verona is not an obvious Italian destination. It is not what you immediately think of when you start planning your journey in the Bel paese, and yet… Find out all the things to do in Verona, Italy

June 30, 2020

Verona is not Rome, nor Venice nor Florence… and yet Italy is better understood in what our friend Rick Steves calls “the mighty minor cities” and Verona is one of them for sure! Under-estimated and little known, Verona is a gem in the fabric of the many small-to-medium sized cities in Italy.

But… you have been knowing us for some time now, at Veronatours we are not happy with simply inviting you to come to Verona… We are committed to offering you more than this: that’s why starting from Fall 2020 we are going to incorporate a new section into our best seller Verona private walking tour.

We sense the time has come for this change. We want to get ready to offer you, dear travelers, this meaningful combination that opens up the city’s soul for you.

What is this new tour section about?
It is about a part of town called Veronetta. Located on the left bank of the river Adige, colorful and diverse, funny and multicultural, noisy and full of charme, Veronetta is the perfect counterpart to the monumental and solemn city center.

Discussing the methodology to put up this new section of the tour, we thought to ourselves: Why don’t we ask them, the Veronetta people, what they are more proud of? Why don’t we ask them directly how they would describe that special vibe you sense while walking in Veronetta? Why don’t we just ask them? Yes, that was a good idea!

So we gathered 9 brave individuals, we set up a workshop, provided food and wine to fuel their creativity…and we made it! From that legendary workshop, that happened on Thursday June 18, we had inspiration, meaning, provocation also. A delightful evening, wonderful discoveries, a new beginning in many ways…

We are now in the process of digesting all those inputs and in a while we will be able to release our new Verona private city tour pairing the city's two beating hearts: the historical center and Veronetta.
Stay tuned!

Post scriptum

New friends were made in the process: Veronetta 129, Heraldo and Anna, Elena, Alice, Ernesto, Giovanna, Ada, Loris, Lucia, Altea. Thank you guys, it’s been eye-opening and very special!

Post post Scriptum

If you are wondering about things to do in Verona Italy after touring with us, let us say that Veronetta is The Place: food spotting, alcohol drinking, listening to music, people watching, vintage shopping, talking to strangers…just ask us all the detailed tips, we will be super happy to help!



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