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Showing off- The making of the Giusti family garden in Verona

Social climbing in XVI century Verona:
Agostino Giusti, a tycoon of yesterday

Feb 19, 2021

You made it! You've made tons of money!
After leaving their home town, your family settled in a small city , worked hard for generations and now it's your turn: you are immensely rich but you don't have social recognition.

What do you do?
Buy a Lamborghini car?
Purchase a house in the Hamptons?
A trip to the moon?
If you are an Italian living in XVI century Verona, it' obvious: you make a garden!
This is the story of the Giusti family that from Florence came to Verona looking for fortune. They established a small business in dying and selling clothes and fabrics. Tough years indeed, but the family was able to enlarge their workshop, make a lot of money and become real entrepeneurs. The Giusti had a plan... and they worked hard every day for making it real.

Fast forward, 100 years later...
Their young descendant Agostino didn't really need to work a single day in his life!
His family had provided him with enough money for him to be able to devote himself to liberal arts, to engage in social connections and cultivate cultural interests in music, poetry, theather.
Now he has a problem, though: he is still the new boy in town. But Agostino has a plan!

First, he buys a noble title and becomes count.

Second, he makes an agreement with the most influencial guys in town: the Accademia Filarmonica of music. They would gather at his house regularly for the following years, perfoming music, clubbing and enjoying from his generosity.

Third: he conceives, designs and builds the beautiful garden which we still see and marvel at. One of the most famous Italian formal gardens of all time!
His garden becomes so popular and appreciated that with good reason from then onwards he can call himself Agostino Giusti Del Giardino.
Goal achieved!

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