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Just like Manhattan- the Lamberti tower in Verona

The higher, the better:
when building high is a message of power

May 5, 2021

Take a look at Wikipedia's list of tallest buildings in the world and you realize how vast the global competition has become.

In Medieval Italy, the guy who owned the tallest tower was looked at as the most influencial in town. As a consequence, several Italian cities started being spotted with tall towers:  Bologna, San Gimignano, Lucca.
Verona experienced fights and social issues as well: remember the feuding families Capulets and Montagues in Romeo and Juliet? In Medieval Verona those two families and many others were looking forward to being recognized as leaders and made the economical effort to build their own towers.
In this way, over the years, Verona turned into a little Manhattan of the Middle Ages!

Nevertheless, if you walk Verona city center today, you see only one towering building still standing: it is the 275 ft tall Torre dei Lamberti. Very elegant, super- central and visible, it is a sort of lighthouse when you try not to get lost in the narrow alleyways.
It's a red brick, slender building topped by a white stone loggia: we warmly recommend the 360° city view from upthere!

One day, staring at the Torre dei Lamberti, we pondered on the very high technical skills that it required: what is today the tower that we can compare to it? Probably the Burji Khalifa.
In fact the Lamberti tower was as the Burji Khalifa is for Dubai today: meaningful for showing off economical power and iconic in its advanced technology.

That said, if you book this tour with us, you'll see that between Verona and Dubai there's not much more in common!
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