a star is born in the industrial south side of verona A star is born!
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A star is born... in the industrial South Side of Verona

We now know we have a new monument in town! After the Reanissance church of Saint George, a second Dome in Verona

December 16, 2021

December 16, 2021

When we take our tours, we tell that Verona, differently from Rome, has only one dome: it is the dome of Saint George church, by the Adige river.


... if you drive towards the iconic Roman Arena, you necessarily pass by an abandoned industrial zone: it is there that you can see the second Dome of the city!

What is it?
It is the 1930s Stazione Frigorifera Specializzata: a refrigerating station created to keep vegetables and fruit at a low temperature.
It could be entered by train waggons and fresh produce were unloaded and sorted like in a modern logistical hub of Amazon!

What an incredible technology and design from almost 100 years ago!

After a very thoughtful restoration, locals are now aware that this is a real monument, well worth a visit.

If you are inclined towards industrial heritage or Rationalist architecture, please enquire here: we are happy to customize a tour combining the classics with this unexpected Industrial landmarks!
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