visit the region of the celebrated vialone nano rice with our private tour The Low Lands
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What is there in an Italian grain of rice?

There is remoteness and silence, and an unexpected landscape.

July 25, 2022

In this month of July, when the city streets are bustling with people, the Low Lands of Verona offer solace and open views of mountains in the background, green slender poplar trees and water-filled paddy fields with ears of rice waiving in the wind.

The fields are yellow and the only visitors are herons, frogs and… cicadas!


The region of the celebrated Vialone Nano rice offers the chance of tasting a good, creamy risotto. In Verona we are rice eaters. We make risotto with radicchio, mushrooms, pumpkin in the Fall, pork sausage in the Winter, asparagus artichokes or peas in the Spring and with zucchini or basil in the Summer.


This is an invitation to spend a few hours in the peaceful, inspiring solitude of this countryside. Time here seems to have stopped in the Fifties: no modern constructions, elderly are sitting at the local bar sipping a glass of wine, chatting or playing cards.


On our Remote Agri-tour you get to know about the P.D.O. Vialone Nano rice features and recipes, but also immerse yourself in and untouched Little World of the Past. Do you like the idea?


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