the sistine chapel of verona a reinassance jewel to visit with a private tour Heavenly colors
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The Sistine Chapel of Verona

The Sala Morone in the church of San Bernardino is a real hidden treasure with heavenly colors...

October 10,2022

Even if you are there alone, the Sala Morone is a very crowded place, with more than 60 real-scale frescoed figures entertaining a lively discourse on every wall!
Some of them are serious, others are relaxed, some are smiling and everybody is talking. It is like you can hear them chatting!
That’s odd because the Sala Morone was in fact a library, where for sure silence was needed.

The official name of this place is Libreria Sagramoso, out of the name of the sponsor.
It is located in the Franciscan convent of San Bernardino, where 11 happy friars still live and run a shelter for the homeless.


The library frescoes are rich in bright and vivid blue, a color that reminds us of our Mediterranean sky and water.
The artist Domenico Morone gave a lot of relevance to nature, giving the space a sense of natural openness.
The palette is delicate and full of pastel colors, as is typical of the Renaissance manner of the Veneto painters.

Differently from the Sistine Chapel, you don’t need to queue in front and you won’t be rushed in your visit.

Similarly to the Sistine Chapel, its iconographic content is of absolute value for our city.

Recently restored, the Sala Morone can be included on demand in our Comprehensive city tour. Write to us to be able to discover it.

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