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The Hamptons of Verona

Not as exclusive, but Lake Garda is where people from Verona spend their weekend


21 November, 2022

Lake Garda is not very well known out of Europe, while it is very popular among Germans and Northern Europeans, who long for coming here, starting from the first spring days.

Busy and crowded with foreigners during the Summer, in the Fall and Winter the lake offers a chance of relaxation at easy reach from the city for locals.

There are some downsides in the off-season: only a few bars and restaurants are open, and there are no ferry connections.

On the other hand, there are many advantages: mild sunny days, no traffic jams, snowy peaks in the background, olive groves and cypresses always green, a sense of peace inviting to long, quite strolls along the shores.

 In the small docks of Torri del Benaco, Garda, Lazise you meet fishermen and hard-core lake sailors. There are little farmers markets held in Peschiera and Sirmione and wineries are ready to release the fruity Bardolino wine in small weekend festivals.

It is the privilege of off- season tourism, which is sustainable in itself!
Have you ever considered that going to a popular site in an apparently “wrong” period  is a great conscious option?

Consider off-season to come and see Lake Garda! 








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