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Christmas in Verona, four reasons for being grateful at the end of this year

Wonderful humans we say "grazie" at the end of this year 2022

December 12, 2022

This festive time is when we stand still to celebrate with gratitude what we have accomplished and received as precious gifts this year.

One: grateful to each one of our inquisitive and delightful travelers. We are profoundly grateful for the trust and the priviledge when you engage us two for composing your personal experience in our wonderful land of Verona and lake Garda.

Two: grateful to our professional partners and service providers, who so generously supported us in providing our travelers with exquisite personal care. Grazie a Giancarlo, Nadia, Silvia, Sergio, Claudio.

Three: grateful for all the travel professionals and planners for trusting their VIP travelers to our care and attention. Grazie a Anthony and Denise, Emanuela, Sally, Jay, Claudia, Sherry, Sebastien.

Four: thank you for the blessing of being able to get started again after a long, challenging period. We have been able to learn new lessons on ourselves and expand our mind and heart.

Happy holidays! Lorella and Valeria
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