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What is cooking at VeronaTours for the new season

Our seasonal menu for tours in Verona in 2023

January 31, 2023

We are eventually back to normal after Covid, and this is good news. 
An even better news is that we are preparing new ways for enjoying Verona and its Land.

First of all, our city tours are now even more "tasty".
After becoming Certified Interpretive guides in January 2022, we have been able to deliver even more thouthgful tours, providing our audience with new meanings, insights and ...more fun!

For instance, on our Romeo and Juliet tour you do not merely see the famous balcony and tomb.
You are now able, with our help, to recognize the Universal Values weaven into this story that happened in such a small and unknown city many years ago, but still talks to the World and to everyine's Heart.
Needless to say that you will experience those  very busy sites in a totally personal way!

Moreover, we have polished our tours out of town, to be able to offer brief, easy, joyful escapes, sometimes at very short distance from Verona.

Places like that little village, an olive grove on lake Garda, or a secret garden in a villa are necessary to really get in touch with Verona city heritage.

As enthusiast, local and experienced guides we do have the good recipes and we know how to make it happen.
Write to us at to book from our tasteful à la carte menu. 
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