verona one of the most favorite towns in italy by tourists quality of life quiet not so touristy Jewel without gems
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What is Verona

Verona is a jewel without gems: why a town without major art is a UNESCO city

March 20, 2022

Many 2022 guests of VeronaTours claimed that
-Verona was probably their favorite town in Italy
-They would easily consider to move to Verona

Every time hearing these words from our travelers is a joy and a surprise for us.
We wonder why is that?
Their answer is the following:
"In Verona you do not see Michelagelo's David nor the St Peter basilica nor Leonardo's Last Supper... but indeed is very livable. It is not super touristy since locals still live in town. Services are good quality for price. Quality of life seems high and overall fun and enjoyable."

In our opinion, Verona is a miniature of Italy. 

As a jewel that is artfully made and designed without any precious stone, UNESCO Verona is an elegant example of fully Italian art, history, architecture exceptionally well woven and preseved. Life is vibrant and easy. 
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