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Red and white wine

If you want to combine white and red wine, ask for a day tour in the Soave and extended Valpolicella wine area

September 20, 2023

We have been delivering wine tours for a very long time.
Many travelers ask for a red wine Amarone tour in the Classica Valpolicella area, west of Verona city.
Others are more focused on white wines and ask for a tour in the Soave wine region east of Verona city.

But, there is a way to combine a tasting of white and red wines in one day.
In fact, in the east of Verona city, not only white wines are produced.
There you can find also DOC red wines (Amarone, Recioto): it is the so called "Valpolicella extended DOC area"

Soave is a delightful walled village, towered by an imposing Medieval castle.
Its vulcanic soil gives a great minerality to the wines and the grape is the autochthonous Garganega.

The extended Valpolicella area, instead, has the typical red wine grapes: Corvina, Corvinone and Rondinella.
Some excellent wineries like Dal Forno Romano are to be found there.
The landscape is serene, quiet and even wild in some parts: overall very, very green.

White, red and green: very Italian, isn't it?

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