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Why last minute booking is not a good idea

March 20, 2023

At VeronaTours we are committed to serve you as carefully as we can.
We tailor the tours to your needs and whishes, trying to provide you with the best possible travel experience.

Sometimes for tailoring a tour we take several weeks: we need to check out opening hours of secluded sites, we need to make reservations, we need to reach out to specific sites or venues.

Our high-end suppliers (drivers, cellars, restaurants, cultural sites and small museum) get booked fast: it is a pity when we are not able to provide the bests of tours only because it is too late.
That is true also for ourselves as guides: we are 2 individuals, and our agenda fills fast. We do love to curate and execute our tours in person as often as possible. If tours are requested very last minute, we might not be able to be with you and we would love to avoid that.

Nevertheless, last minute booking might be the only option (we know that first hand when we travel ourselves).
With that in mind, on our web site you can now find 2 city tours ready to book online: curated as usual, but easier and faster to purchase.

Here they are:
Verona Private Walking Tour the 3 hour city tour
Buongiorno Verona the 2 hour city tour

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