Our philosophy
After 25+ years of professional guiding, we have decided to double down: here comes the story.
When we started working as local guides, after passing a rigorous, demanding written-and-oral exam on local and national history-art-architecture-geography in different languages, we were very, very proud. At that time every detail seemed equally important and significant and we spent our working time with big groups, delivering a rather fixed kind of tour.
This did not last long, luckily, because… we became pregnant (yes, both! at the same time!) and we paused to take care of our little ones. Later, when returned back to work, we became aware that the time for a significant change had come.
We set aside some time for thinking, researching, sharing sensations, talking to people: what was really valuable for our guests?
What was memorable for them? How could we throw a different light on sites and people? Could we be more courageous by taking the risk of bringing them to lesser-known, not the obvious sites? Could we be even more personal in our tours?
Our city had offered us the opportunity for the job we had longed for: it was time to give something back.
We were driven by a responsibility to our beloved Verona and our guests. How could we serve the city? How could we honor our guests by connecting them to our common heritage and, at the same time, highlighting different habits and styles?
Our guests have an actual impact on our city and its people and they can be a force of positive change on it. Imagine: a guide, a guest and a local that passes by.
The guide is showing a little, meaningful detail to the guest; the local happens to see that little detail for the first time (sometimes curiously asking to the guide about it!).
At that stage the local feels even more proud and conscious of his city and spontaneously, warmly endorses his heritage, seeing himself with the sympathizing eye of a stranger.
Access is one thing, but an experience that satisfies a greater sense of purpose is the ultimate sense of travel, that can be rewarding for us guides and for our guests, mutually.
Give your Verona stay
a sense of journey!
The two ladies of Verona speak 5 languages altogether:
English, German, French, Spanish and Italian.