Our philosophy
Our blueprint: private tours only!
  • we want to throw an honest light on places and people
  • we courageously take the risk of bringing you to genuine, not- obvious sites
  • we are very personal in the way we deliver our tours
  • we want to honor our guests by highlighting our common heritage
  • we want to serve our fellow- citizens by facilitating encounters with our travelers
The human touch
Connecting is crucial for us and we are comfortable with very small parties:
  • inquisitive travelers
  • globe-trotting families
  • groups of friends
  • curious students and solo travelers
The right pace
Real travel insights need a minimum of time and human encounters need patience: that’s why our tours are longer than average. This allows us to give you the lowdown of the insiders.
We do not want to be teachers and we are not scholars: we are interpreters. We facilitate a memorable handshake and a nourishing smile, by being connectors between guests and places.
Prefer the unexpected truths
to the easy find
The two ladies of Verona speak 5 languages altogether:
English, German, French, Spanish and Italian.