Lorella…it ‘s been a year since we spent four delicious hours with you on a private tour of Verona and we are still talking about what we learned from “Our Lady of Verona.” We are still regaling our friends with yet another Lorella story, including one of our favorites, how the frescos in the square were used to communicate a new way of thinking to the “medieval mind” of the people of Verona. As we walked along, your richly detailed and emotionally evocative narratives transported us back in time. You immersed us in the culture, politics, art, architecture, and the day-to-day life under the rule of the La Scala family. We loved how you were able to help us connect the dots between medieval Verona and current-day Verona.
It took about 5 minutes after meeting you before we were captivated by your warm and engaging personality. Your style of touring is like a conversation with an old friend about a place and a people you love. Time with you was an intellectual adventure and great fun! We could not have been more pleased with our experience.

Valeria took me on the Carlo Scarpa tour in September this year, I visited Verona for the specific purpose of taking the tour to see the work of the Architect Carlo Scarpa. I was not at all disappointed, Valeria arranged access to the non-public areas and interiors of the Banco Popolare (which I would not have been able to do myself) and gave wonderful commentary on the building and the history of the project. The second part of the tour took me to Castelvecchio, and again, my expectations were exceeded, while it is possible to visit Castelvecchio without a guide, Valeria's commentary and knowledge of the architect, the city and the project meant I was able to fully appreciate this wonderful museum. I would not hesitate to recommend Valeria to be anyone's guide in Verona, and would encourage anyone with an interest in modern architecture to see the works of Carlo Scarpa, one of Italy's most important 20th Century Architects.

Ciao Valeria! We just wanted to let you know that we made it back to the state safely last night. Thank you again for all your hospitality. Our hiking adventure was one of the the highlights of our trip. If you ever find yourself in Kentucky or the Midwestern US, let us know! You’ll always have a friend here.

Dear Valeria,
what a delight it’s been for all of us to get to know you!
Over and again, thank you for sharing your expertise and passion for Verona and beyond.
Our days with you have been a highlight of our time in Italy.
We hope we have the opportunity to travel with you again.
With warmest gratitude, Curt and Ryan

We recently moved to Verona and decided to take a city tour to better appreciate our new home. Two weeks after our tour we had friends visit and our families took a Safari tour for the children (8 kids total). Both tours were EXCELLENT! Valeria is a wonderful guide that brought out so many interesting facets of fair Verona. Her background as an archeologist provides fascinating historical insight. She is wonderful with kids and the Safari tour designed for them was a great adventure that I'm sure our children will always hold dear. We will be taking more tours in the future!

Our afternoon with Lorella was a highlight of our month in Italy. We've been visiting Italy for many years but this was our first visit to Verona.... well worth two days plus. Lorella really knows her stuff -- art, architecture, history, politics etc. -- and lots of fun as well. Both of us are university profs and we agreed on a grade of A++ for our tour. Guides in Italy have a high reputation among international tourists…very well deserved we concluded.

Lorella, on behalf of the students of Alabama at Birmingham International Business class, we want to say thank you. Verona was a highlight on the trip for many of us. Your energy brought fun and excitement to the tour. Your knowledge and passion for your city could be felt by everyone.We loved learning bout the Arena, Piazza Erbe, and ancient Roman walls that are still standing.Thank you for taking the time to spend with us and teach us so many wonderful facts about Verona! We wish you all the best!

As a lawyer and history major I can recognize an expert in their field who knows their stuff...and how to communicate with an audience. Lorella is without question an expert in her field. My wife and I and another couple were fortunate enough to have Lorella guide us through Verona last September and enjoyed every minute of her tour. She is remarkably knowledgeable about the history of the city, architecture, roman Verona and the history of the Veneto in general. We were impressed with her energy and enthusiasm and genuine desire that we would come to know and love Verona as she clearly does. I'd highly recommend you ask for Lorella if you are looking for a guide in Verona.