How To Choose The Best Verona Tour Guide
When you search online for Verona or Italy tours, how do you know which options offer the best value for your money?

Here is our advice on how to choose a tour guide for your trip to Italy:

  1. Look for local tour guides rather than a tour operator. It’s like choosing a local eatery over a chain restaurant. If you want an authentic experience you’re more likely to find it in a boutique setting.

  2. Search out certified tour guides with connections to the local community and verified expertise in art, history, and culture. When you walk the streets of Verona with professional Veronese guides you can count on getting an accurate picture of the local culture rather than stereotypes and generalities from someone who doesn’t know the area well (or even worse, sketchy information from unauthorized tour guides).

  3. Stretch your travel dollars further by cutting out the middleman. When you deal directly with independent, local companies you avoid the irritating intermediaries and online marketplaces who aren’t as attached to the actual experience of touring Verona.

  4. Insist on personalized service. When you deal with independent tour guides you deal with fully-registered Veronese tour guides who are passionate about their city, not bored sales reps with a quota to fill. When you write to us or call us you’ll get a direct response from us, not some third party with no real-life experience of living in the Veneto region.

  5. Consider your source. If you really want to explore the real Verona, find a credible source with verifiable credentials and life experience related to the city. That way when you ask for suggestions for things to see or tips on what to do or where to go you can trust that you’re getting genuine, heartfelt opinions rather than a sales pitch off a computer screen.

  6. Be wary of barriers to enjoying the city. Small tours and private groups allow you to connect with other travelers as you share your ideas and impressions with local tour guides. Rather than being herded quickly from site to site and shepherded into pricey tourist shops, certified independent tour guides break down the barriers between visitors and locals and let you enjoy a less hurried pace. We incorporate getting a true taste of local culture into the appreciation of local monuments and sightseeing.

  7. Spend wisely. If you’re looking for a mix of conventional and unconventional tours of Verona, certified independent tour guides offer more flexibility and a personalized touch. You get what you pay for, so think twice about bargain basement pricing. The prices you pay support highly qualified local workers and families with living wages, not fees to big tourism corporations that gouge contractors. We’re highly motivated to give you the best experiences of Verona and tailor our tours to work for all travelers, from young families and couples to adventurers who are differently abled.

When you want reliable, inspired experiences exploring Verona, you can count on Verona Tours to deliver. We have private Verona tours to suit every budget.

Contact the friendly staff at Verona Tours today for more information about what to see and do in Verona.

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