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Verona sightseeing and easy trek tour

Verona and the hills: downtown visit and easy hike on the city hills

Verona is surrounded by a crown of green hills. 

This is a funny, easy way of visiting Verona city center and then go hiking directly from downtown.

This urban and trek tour offers diverse views IN and ON Verona and covers not only many corners of downtown, but also very quiet and known-by-locals-only trails.

The hike covers the hill of San Pietro, the one that is very close to the historical center and therefore the most suitable for seeing the city from above: its terracotta roofs and bell towers.

Following sections of the ancient Medieval, Renaissance or Austrian walls, the hike includes very quiet parts of town, full of green and super- quiet.

From the terrace of Castel San Pietro we enjoy an encompassing view of the  Roman Theatre remains and we see how the river embraces the city.


This Verona city and hike tour is light and easy; we recommend you wear suitable shoes.
It lasts 4 hours and costs eu 490 (+ transaction fees) for 2 people.

2 hours of sightseeing in Verona downtown
30 minutes casual, local snack
1,5 hours trek on the hills

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