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Verona Roman Heritage

Verona velut altera Roma: Verona is like another Rome

Welcome to the city that is second only to Rome in regards to its quantity of Roman artefacts!


The city historical center still shows the ancient Roman city planning style with the cardo intersected with the decumanus.
Walking on them, we see a truly large amount of Roman remains of excellent quality.

The city boasts: two monumental Roman gates, segments of fortification walls and roads, mosaics in private domus, many tombstones, an honorary arch in all its ultra-elegant beauty. 

The tour ends inside the monumental Arena: the ancient Roman amphitheater that is astonishing for its majesty, for its excellent state of preservation and for the clever techniques applied in building it.

The archeological Roman Verona tour covers:

  • Gavi arch
  • Borsari gate
  • Pietra bridge
  • Leoni gate
  • Arena
  • Roman Theater and Archeological museum

Our historical Roman Verona tour lasts 3 hours.
 Pricing Eu 330 (+ transaction fees) per tour
(admissions are not included: Eu 21 per adult, free admissions for children under 18 years)

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