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Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet tour

Strolling with William Shakespeare in Verona: passion, courage, tenderness

The two young lovers, Romeo and Juliet, are still– incredibly!–  alive in the hearts and minds of those arriving in Verona.

Through the historical center of Verona, with its crenelated towers and its inner courtyards and well-curbs, hovers the spirit of William Shakespeare who gave Verona its universal fame as a romantic city.

Like travelers of bygone times, we visit the 14th  century spots of Verona that acted as background to the most unfortunate and yet most famous and represented love story in the world. Will love-until-death, passion and courage, tenderness and dedication ever fall out of fashion?

On this Shakespearian tour we visit:

  • Juliet’s house (interior)
  • Romeo’s house (exterior)
  • the Mercato vecchio courtyard
  • William Shakespeare’s bust
  • Juliet’s tomb (interior)

This Shakespeare private tour is suitable for

  • teachers
  • literature lovers
  • small groups of students
  • all those who have an interest about Italian family sagas and chronicles

This Romeo and Juliet Verona walking tour lasts 3 hours
and costs eu 330 (+ transaction fees) per tour
(admissions: 12 Eu per person not included, admissions free for children up to 18 years)

This Shakespeare themed tour is offered in English, German, Spanish, French and Italian.

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