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The making of Verona next future

Verona industrial past, re-imagined for a new city life

After you have seen the traditional monuments of the city center, on this exploration you see a site that was a 1930’s logistic infrastructure and that individuals, companies and associations with a vision for the future of Verona are currently re-imagining.

We reach the South Side of Verona with a 10 minutes taxi ride and start exploring the Magazzini Generali district. Here the 1930’s the Veronese interpreted modernity: not in the residential architecture, but in industry and logistics.

In the Low Lands close to the city, the agri-food production had become the leading economic asset. For fresh produce logistics was a key factor and Verona railroad system was very developed.

From the Magazzini Generali, fruit and vegetables were distributed throughout the North and the South of Europe: there was an Ice Factory and a refrigerating station created to keep them at a low temperature.
It could be entered by train waggons and fresh produce were unloaded and sorted like in a modern logistical hub of Amazon!

The triangle-shaped area you see includes:

  • A stunning dome
  • More than 20 ex- warehouses, now restored
  • Buildings from the 1930’s restyled by post- modern Swiss architect Mario Botta

You feel as if you were walking along docks, but without being on the water!
All elements are still rather disconnected, the area is in the making but in our opinion this is the space where a new chapter will be written for Verona in the next future.

The tour also features:
- a visit to the “hyper-gothic” sanctuary of Saint Teresa of Lisieux, crowded with pilgrims
- a walk among the simple houses where locals buy their groceries and take their kids to school

If you appreciate the beauty of the function over the beauty of classics, this tour is for you.


This tour is suitable for second comers
or visitors with special interest towards industrial heritage
and Italy contemporary history. 
This tour can be combined as a second leg of a 2 or 3 hour city tour.
The tour duration is 2 hours.
The price is eu 200 + taxi ride (eu 20 approx.)



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