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Private family tour in Verona

Hands-on, Montessori experience tour for children aged 4 to 12

We love traveling families and we want kids to learn and have fun while traveling. Our family-friendly tour in Verona is called Safari: kids play in the city streets and the squares. It is a hands-on, creative voyage made to live on in the kids (and parents) memory.

This is a proprietory format by Veronatours!
It works as it is and cannot be customized.


  • brushes
  • chalks
  • papers
  • markers
  • map
  • rope

we walk in the main sites of Verona city center, but instead of giving and hearing explanations, we make experience of the place.

  • we take water from a fountain
  • we listen to the city’s voices
  • we walk blindfolded
  • we count arches and statues
  • make sketches

 As a psycho-geographical activity, a kind of scavenger hunt or treasure hunt, Safari aims to widen the horizons of perception of a place and, at the meantime, have a lot of fun!

Do you Safari?

This Verona family tour lasts 2 hours.

This Verona game is a private family tour suitable for children aged 4 to 12
Pricing Eu 250 (+ transaction fees) per tour.

Important disclaimer: this is not a city tour!
Safari is an activity totally conceived around your kids,
in the Montessori method.

It is offered in the following languages: English, Spanish and Italian.

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