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Verona neighborhood E-bike tour

E-bike tour: 4 different life styles in the 4 quarters around the city center

Verona city center is extremely compact, pedestrian-only and walking is the natural way to browse all its narrow and traffic-free sites: biking is not a wise option.
On the other hand, an E-bike is the most suitable way to be able to explore the 4 quarters immediately out of downtown.

If you are interested in understanding the lifestyle of a quintessentially Italian city, this is the tour for you.
Using an E-bike is an easy and enjoyable way to enter the 4 neighborhoods just outside of Verona downtown.

Browsing the belt around the city center in a counter-clockwise sense, you explore the  quarters at the 4 cardinal points, each one with its own peculiar features and stories.

North: Torricelle, the green hills
Through winding roads immersed in the woods and vineyards, you get to an open, stunning view point where you see the city from above.

West: Borgo Trento, the upper class residential quarter
Between the two World Wars, this area becomes the place to live for the upper class families in Verona. The elegant streets and boulevards are rich in Liberty style villas sorrounded by well maintained gardens.

South: San Zeno, the beating heart of the local identity
The ones living in this laid- back quarter consider themselves- with right- the authentic Veronese and celebrate their essence during the glorious days of the city Carnival.

East: Veronetta, the melting pot
Newcomers, locals, students and tourists are currently pumping new linfa in the old roots of  this quarter that has become in this last years the most energetic place in town. By day and especially by night.

This tour is suitable for visitors 
who have seen the city center already:
this tour does not cover the city center.

This tour covers a long distance without any physical effort.

The tour lasts 4 hours and costs eu 520 for 1 person and includes:
E-bike rental
guide service
2 stops for abundant snacks and drinks
admissions to 2 monuments

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