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Verona private walking tour

Our curated 3 hour tour tailored for you

There’s a lot you can see on a walking tour in this very compact city! Juliet, the squares, the Arena: don’t miss our private guided tour of Verona, fully embraced by the Adige river: romantic atmosphere, minute proportions of the houses and a poetic quality so well described by the Bard.

Along the way we stop to see:

  • the Roman Arena
  • Piazza Bra’
  • Juliet’s house
  • Piazza Erbe
  • Piazza dei Signori
  • Arche Scaligere
  • Mercato Vecchio courtyard


In ancient Roman times, the city of Verona received its chess-board fabric and was adorned with the Arena, the world’s best preserved Roman amphitheater that today still provides its spectators with hours of good music and entertainment.


The visit also includes the 14th century house of Juliet, a lovers’ venue and a very popular stop: in everyone’s mind Verona is linked to her image and her sad love story.


Another 14th century attraction is the bizarre “Arche” of the Della Scala family, namely the stone lace structures pointing up to the sky that still harbor suspicions and mysteries. Along the way you see three main squares that have maintained their peculiar and very popular, aristocratic or institutional character throughout the centuries.


To enhance your city experience with a derivé along and out of the Adige riverbanks and beyond “the obvious”, we enjoy some of the views and sceneries of the green hills and the ancient bridges.


  • Medieval castle and bridge
  • Borsari Roman gate
  • Roman bridge
  • San Pietro hill with its Roman theatre


This very complete private Verona city tour lasts 3 hours
and costs eu 330 (+ transaction fees) per tour up to 6 people.
Please enquire for bigger groups.

It is offered in the following languages: English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.

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