valpolicella extended chapter 2 The Red and The White
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Valpolicella extended (chapter 2)

Soave wine tasting and Amarone vertical tasting in top cellars

Treat yourself to this exclusive mutipotential wine tour
that combines the best Soave wines with a verticale tasting of Amarone in top notch cellars

Soave and the Valpolicella extended area not only offer the best Soave wines, but also very iconic and interesting Amarones: try them with us!

Not all Amarone wines are born equal.
Paradoxically, the very heritage of the Amarone wine is found... outside the Valpolicella Classica area!
Once you know the Classica, western area, that we invite you to discover on our Signature Amarone wine tour, let us take you on a journey where the landscape is still very green, unspoiled, and pristine.

Why would you want to embark on this tour that is farther from Verona city and way less known?

- because if you are a wine enthusiast, you want to see not only the Valpolicella classica, west of Verona city, with the many cellars and dense vineyards, but both sides of the coin and here Amarone is at its best

- because, in the eastern part, vines are sparse and biodiversity of coltures is a thing

- because you can taste excellent whites and get to know Soave, a proudly walled town with a castle

- because this area is really remarkable, but not yet so traveled

This Amarone and Soave wine tour lasts 8 hours and includes:
guide service
private transportation
1 Soave wine tasting with 3 wines
1 vertical wine tasting including 3 Amarone wines
All arrangements

This tour does not run on Sundays.
This is a private Amarone and Soave guided tour:
please enquire for this very exclusive wine tour.

If you have 2 days available,
we suggest a combination with our
Signature Amarone wine tour (chapter 1)

This tour is offered in the following languages
English, German, French, Spanish and Italian

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