9 Reasons to Visit Verona
Have you ever wondered why William Shakespeare chose to make Verona the setting of his famous tragic romance Romeo & Juliet?

We can only guess, but there are so many reasons Verona likely captured the Bard’s attention more than any of the other beautiful cities in Italy – unique features that still enchant visitors more than 400 years later!

If you’re travelling to Italy, here are nine reasons to should include a visit to Verona in your trip:

  1. It’s not too big and and it’s not too small. Verona is just right – large enough to have plenty to do and see but small enough that it’s not overwhelming. With a population of roughly 250,000 people, Verona is a charmingly compact and highly walkable medium-sized Italian city. Its size makes Verona so pedestrian friendly that most locals walk or bike to get around. First-time visitors often appreciate a small-group Verona city tour to familiarize themselves with all there is on offer

  2. Because it’s a city that you don’t expect. While it is steeped in history and you can enjoy art and architecture dating back centuries here, Verona is also a modern city with a vibrant arts and restaurant scene. For thousands of years Verona has been a hub of trade and it is still an important business district nationally and in Europe

  3. It’s the fourth most visited Italian city after Rome, Milan, and Venice. What keeps Verona close behind her rival cities in attracting visitors? Verona is rich in history with an abundance of Roman roots still evident today. Incredible art and architecture will take you through ancient times and the Renaissance to modern day, and Verona’s fantastic food and accommodations are sure to make you happy. All that and the world famous frozen Italian treat, gelato! For more tips on what not to miss in Verona, check out our list

  4. Verona is simply enchanting. In fact, Shakespeare was so smitten with our city that he used it as a setting for two of his plays: Romeo & Juliet and Two Gentlemen of Verona. Not surprising given that Verona boasts Roman ruins, medieval and Renaissance art and architecture, stunning gardens, delightful piazzas, bustling marketplaces, and inviting shops

  5. Location, location, location. When it comes to logistics, Verona is a winning destination – something even the ancient Romans realized. It is conveniently located so that it’s an easy day trip from Milan, Venice, and the Dolomite mountains, Florence, Bologna, and many other popular Italian destinations. Bonus: The train station is very close to the city centre, making it attractive logistically for many travellers. Here you’ll find the wonder of Mediterranean colours and scents even though you’re not far from the Alps and northern skies

  6. Verona is culturally significant. And yes we at Verona Tours might be biased, but the United Nations thinks so, too! So much so that in 2000 Verona – the city and not just one or two attractions – was listed as a World Heritage Site. Among the reasons is that in our city you’ll see truly outstanding examples of art and architecture from successive eras

  7. There’s always something to do. Verona boasts a wide range of outdoor festivals, concerts, and cultural events year round. There’s glorious opera music outside in summer, opportunities to enjoy the bounty of the harvest at fall markets, Nordic Christmas markets and celebrations like the Carnival parade in winter, and trendy wine festivals in spring to name only a few

  8. Verona earned the nickname, “the little Rome” for good reason. As you wander through Verona you will see evidence of the Roman era, including the awe-inspiring archway of a Roman gate along the famous shopping avenue the Corso Porta Borsari and an intact Roman Colosseum

  9. Warm hospitality. The Veronese are happy to chat with travelers and share information about the city, historical anecdotes, and stories of life in Italy. The best thing about a warm welcome? It melts away any fear you might feel about the language barrier. Locals are friendly and mix easily with visitors

A great way to explore the highlights of Verona is to book our Verona for the First Time – Private Tour, which showcases the many attractions of Verona’s historic city centre. In just three hours you’ll see many of the most important sites and learn all about the rich history and culture here from our wonderful Veronese tour guides.

Questions about the Veneto region? Contact the friendly staff at Verona Tours today for more information about what to see and do in Verona.

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