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Amarone Wine Tour: a lesson learned

“Old is gold”- this is even more true for wine making

June 10, 2022

Last year we developed a Corporate Heritage project for a legendary winery of the Valpolicella: vini Quintarelli. Their wine making was started by Giuseppe “Bepi” Quintarelli, the prophet of the Amarone wine. He established the quality standards that are still valid nowadays for all the Amarone producers.

How was that possible?

He was deeply rooted in the very traditional values of our land: religion, family, and respect of nature.

He never forced the hand of nature: he was determined to observe the rules of traditional agriculture and its pace.


His motto was “van pian e falo ben”, that translated from dialect means “go slow and do it right”.

The Amarone wine is made out of dried grapes: after harvesting, the bunches are laid down on bamboo racks to loose water and concentrate sugar content. Bepi Quintarelli mastered like no other the expertise in selecting the grapes and the patience in waiting for the exact time to press, without ever feeling rushed.

Top quality needs care and patience, time is a key factor.


A lesson we have learned from this patriarch is that it is wise to give us time to nurture ourselves, others and our projects.


If you want to visit Bepi Quintarelli family house and winery, treat yourself to our Amarone boutique wine tour.

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