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Invest your time and money in this complete Verona tour

Have it all, in one day: the full day Verona tour we have tailored for discerning guests

May 28, 2023

What was our best selleing tour in 2022?
Not surprinsingly, it was our Comprehensive Verona city tour.

Our 2022 guests picked that tour among the very many we offer.
And indeed, they were right: they understood this tour is the one giving you the Big Picture of Verona.

A well paced day, without effort, including everything what has to be seen... and more.
Given the realtively long time at disposal, we have the flexibility to rearrange the schedule based on weather or your on-the-spot desires.

All is smooth and easy, avoiding
- crowds
- too long walks (often in the summer heat, or in the winter cold)

When it is time to seat, voilà, we get a taxi and get to a backstreet osteria for a bite and a glass of local wine.
Admissions to all the landmarks are included.

In the 1990s our Comprehensive Verona City tour would have been called All Inclusive tour!

We congratulate on our traverelers who chose the best value for money!
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