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Legendary soprano Maria Callas kickstarted her career in Verona

 In 1947 La Gioconda by Ponchielli was the Italian début of Maria Callas

Jan 11, 2024

In the enchanting city of Verona, amidst the echoes of operatic masterpieces, one name stands out — Maria Callas, the legendary soprano whose voice transcended time and space.
Maria Callas, born in New York City in 1923, found her home in the heart of Verona, Italy. In the picturesque amphitheater, she graced the stage during the summer opera festival, captivating audiences with her unparalleled vocal prowess.
For years, Verona became the backdrop for Callas's mesmerizing performances. The Roman amphitheater, with its ancient stone walls, echoed with the emotive resonance of her voice, casting a spell on all who were fortunate enough to witness her artistry.
She brought Verona to life with her passion.
Her performances were like a symphony that intertwined with the very soul of our city.

Maria Callas's years in Verona were a harmonious blend of art and culture, leaving an indelible mark on the city's legacy.

Today, as we celebrate her contributions, Verona remains forever indebted to the diva who graced its stages and made operatic history.

Ask us to show you the restaurant she used to dine and where in Verona she owned an apartment, as you take a tour in Verona with us.

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