meet san zeno the rockstar patron saint of verona San Zeno the rockstar
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Meet San Zeno the rockstar patron saint of Verona

Visit the basilica of San Zeno and meet the very inspired patron saint of the city

April 5, 2024

Meet San Zeno, the rockstar patron saint of Verona!

Hailing from North Africa in the 4th century, he brought a whole lot of saintly swagger to the city.

Now, Zeno wasn't your average bishop!

His sermons were the talk of the town, blending wisdom with a dash of charisma that had people hanging on his every word.

It wasn't just about fancy speeches; Zeno had the attitude to match.

Picture this: a bishop with a heart of gold and a knack for helping out the less fortunate.
He wasn't just preaching love; he was living it. No wonder the people loved him!

Legend has it that Zeno was a miracle maestro.
Sick? He'd heal you.

Blind? Boom, sight restored! Verona basically had its own superhero bishop, and the Basilica di San Zeno Maggiore is the headquarters of this epic legend.

The basilica itself is like Zeno's greatest hits album – a compilation of architectural wonders from different centuries. It's the place where style meets sanctity, a stunning combination of intimacy and nobility.

Every May 21st, Verona throws a massive party for Zeno: locals join forces for processions and festivities, celebrating their saint in town.

In a nutshell, San Zeno is Verona's original VIP (Very Inspired Patron!)

His origins may be ancient, but his style and attitude are timeless.

So next time you're in Verona, give a nod to the Basilica di San Zeno Maggiore and remember the saint who made spirituality... seriously cool.

Pope Francis announced he will be visiting Verona on May 18, 2024 for celebrating 1650 years from the death of our beloved, local superhero!

Write to us if you wish to visit the basilica of our Very Inspired Patron during you stay in Verona.
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