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Private wine pub crawl in Verona

4 best places for wine tasting in Verona: territorial wines and ambience

If you want to learn about Verona local wines, but you are short of time, this is the tour for you.


On this private wine Verona tour you are introduced to the local territorial wines: the white Soave, Durello, Lugana and Custoza, the reds (Valpolicella, Ripasso) and the renowned Amarone.

You don’t have to take a trip to the countryside to go wine tasting!
As on a cellar tour, you learn about the local process of the wine making and the autochthone grape varietals.
Differently from a cellar tour, you can:

  • taste more wines,
  • taste the same wine but from different labels
  • compare more wines
  • make more food pairings
  • train your palate
A real taste education!

An up-tempo tour, where you are kindly hurried from place to place, not to miss the next sip.
Do expect to go to energetic, lively, crowded traditional places. Not a tour for the agoraphobic!

On this tour, you also learn about the historical reasons of the wine taverns (osterie): we tell you about the traditional games, the food served, the ciàcole, seasoned by sayings in the local dialect. In vino veritas: isn't it?


On this Amarone Verona wine tour we visit 4 taverns at least.
The tour lasts 3 hours and costs eu 330 per tour.
Wines and food are not included: 
consider eu 40/50 per person approx.
This Verona wine pub crawl tour is offered in the following languages: English, German, French, Spanish and Italian.

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