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Rice tour and risotto lunch

Agri-tour in the Low Lands, with a well-executed risotto lunch

A time journey into the local agricolture, in a remoteness where renowned rice varieties are grown in pure, karst spring water, including a gourmet Michelin restaurant lunch

On this tour you don't see major attractions: you delve in a Little World of the Past.

Like in a time journey, a few miles away from Verona city, you are immersed in the country feel of the Verona Low Lands.

Here a variety of rice is grown: the Vialone Nano, the king of rice varieties for risotto.

It is a privilege for discerning travelers and foodies to be in a kind of digital and geographical remoteness, dominated by silence in the non-extensive, typically Italian puzzle of little estates.
The lanscape is spotted by ancient rice-mills and villas. 
Water is everywhere: springs and channels are like veins nurturing the countryside the paddy fields.
Green and yellow are the colors.

Lunch is based on well-executed cremy risottos in joyful combination with seasonal local ingredients at a Michelin restaurant.

The tour includes:
  • water springs
  • paddy fields
  • an XVII cent. rice-mill
  • a rice tasting menu at a Michelin restaurant

This tour is suggested from April to October.
This tour does not run on Mondays, Tuesdays and Sundays.

It lasts 5 hours and includes:
private transportation
guide service
rice mill visit
rice-based gourmet lunch

It is priced eu 1,210 (+ transaction fees) for 2 people

It can be combined with our Verona private walking tour.

This tour can start in Verona downton or from other nearby locations:
please enquire at info@veronatours.com

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