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Signature Amarone wine tour (chapter 1)

Day tour in a unique terroir: great MINI cellars, fine wines, joyful ride with views

The best small wineries are the ones you have never heard of.
This is a thoughtful alternative to the many Amarone wine tours.
We take you to cellars where others don't go and you taste their signature wines.
After a vineyard walk and a ride on the gentle hills, we guarantee an extensive comprehension of the human factor and natural terroir.

Among the countless wine tours, this is a niche product.
We have been delivering Amarone wine tours for 25+ years; we have been researching the most interesting independent wine growers and quality Amarone wine cellars for 2 decades. 
We don't do the easy thing: we never take people to the obvious, mainstream wineries.
And our added value is our expertise in spotting beauty, connecting with people and delivering the sense of the place. For us showing you the landscape inbetween tastings is not incidental, is fundamental! We make sure your eyes are filled with meaningful views.

The output is this Amarone wine tour that is polished, cordial and well- balanced.

We gladly put together a special blend of

  • 2 very small cellars (from 5 to 15 acres)
  • a ride on the gentle hills
  • a visit to a villa or a garden or a church

On this tour wineries are never located in the valley floors: we know they are never the best. We have access to far more wineries than average tour companies. We invite you to meet independent wine growers for a behind-the-scene take of their Amarone and Valpolicella wines.

On this tour you learn about the autochthonous grape varietals of the Valpolicella: corvina, corvinone, rondinella, oseleta, croatina, and you get insights that only a wine maker knows. You understand about the drying process of the grapes for 100 days after the harvest.

Time for lunch! We pull out a place from our bucket list: quality food without snobbery, seasonal produce. Intimate, delicious, unforgettable!

The land where the Amarone is born stretches from the Adige river valley to the peaks of the pre-Alps. We are happy to show you a variety of landscapes, colors and settings, including a garden or a historical villa.

This Amarone wine tour lasts 6 hours and includes
guide service 
private transfer
2 tastings of 3-4 wines including Amarone and some food
villa or garden or church

This is a private Verona wine guided tour
and it costs eu 1,290 (+ transaction fees) for 2 people.
Please enquire for bigger parties.

It is possible to customize this tour including
a pic-nic in the wineyards or a well-curated lunch.
This is a top experience. Send us an email to know more:

If you have 2 days available,
you can combine this tour to the
Valpolicella extended tour

Please make your reservation well in advance:
very often small cellars have no hospitaity staff,
so it is important to reserve well-ahead in time.

This Amarone cellar tour is offered in the following languages:
English, German, French, Spanish and Italian.

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