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Cooking risotto is an art

Not pasta, but risotto: the low lands of Verona and the local recipes

July 20, 2023

In Northen Italy we are risotto lovers. In fact we eat less pasta than the other Italians.

Rice is always in the menu of family celebrations: birthdays, weddings, Easter and Christmas lunch.

Rice can be cooked with literally every fresh ingredient the season has to offer:
- asparagus in the spring
- zucchini in the summer
- mushrooms and pumpkin in the fall
- a local kind of cured meat called tastasal

Stirring the grains of rice, make them release their starch content, giving the typical creaminess that is so delicious... without excess of butter and fats.

Cooking time is key for a good al dente risotto: 14 minutes is the cooking time for the locally grown variety, the POD rice Vialone Nano Veronese
In fact in Verona not only we are rice lovers: we are also proud rice producers: in the Low Lands not only you find water flooded paddy fields, but also excellent restaurants to try it.
We know where they are!

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