verona is a hub extremely well connected to all main northern italian cities Well connected
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Verona is a hub

Planning your adventure in northern Italy?
An accommodation in Verona is a very good idea.



March 14, 2022

When we give on-line consults to our guests, one of the most frequent questions is: “Where should I stay to make the most of the area?”

The answer is that Verona is very convenient..


Verona is extremely well connected to all the main sites you’d want to see while in Northern Italy.


-Milan at 90 minutes

-Franciacorta wine district at 1 hour

-Lake Garda and Sirmione at 40 minutes


-Valpolicella Amarone wine district at 30 minutes

-Trento at 1 hour

-Bolzano and Dolomites at 2 hours


-Venice at 1 hour

-Vicenza, Palladian villas, Padua at 1 hour

-Asolo, Bassano, Prosecco wine district at 2 hours


-Bologna, Food Valley (Parmesan cheese, Balsamic vinegar, Prosciutto di Parma), Motorvalley (link to the Motorvallley) at 90 minutes

-Mantova at 50 minutes

 From Verona you can easily cover all these areas in a day!


Authenticity and standards

Verona is quintessentially Italian: medium- sized, historical Unesco city, quiet, walkable, safe… and stylish!

It offers high standard infrastructures, hospitality and cuisine.

Definitely less expensive than Venice and Milan, and truly charming and easy.

To learn more, please request 1 hour on-line consult with your local expert.





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