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Verona For the First Time

Juliet, the squares, the arena: don’t miss this tour of the downtown historical centre of Verona, fully embraced by the bend of the Adige river. In ancient Roman times, the city of Verona received its chess-board layout and was adorned with the Arena, the world’s best preserved Roman amphitheatre that today still provides hours of good music and entertainment.

Bespoke private tour in Verona

After more than 20 years of professional guiding, we have decided to double down: a tour WITHOUT itinerary!

Here comes the story.

Verona Day Tour From Venice

Are you in Venice for several days? Are you planning a shore excursion or a day trip from there?  Verona is only one hour away from Venice! A private car with driver picks you up in Venice and takes you to Verona, where you meet us. We tour together and we make sure that you get a complete idea of our city.

Verona Day Tour From Milan (and back)

If you are in Milan, you should consider visiting Verona, a truly feminine city. (The very opposite of Milan!) Verona is only 90 minutes away from Milan! A private car with driver picks you up in Milan and takes you to Verona, where you meet us. We tour together and we make sure that you get a complete idea of our city.

Veronetta - Verona's Rive Gauche

Veronetta is off the beaten tracks but the left bank of the river Adige is home to wonders and treasures you don’t want to miss. The hills are rich in green and provide gorgeous views. Moreover, at the foothill, in the maze of untouched winding Medieval streets, you are likely to make authentic human encounters.

20th Century Architect Carlo Scarpa

Your attention will be called to observe his very modern way of interpreting and of matching the construction materials – stone, cement, iron, plaster, glass. You will discover his veritable mania for highly crafted detail, and how Scarpa’s “approach” has become a mainstay of contemporary architecture.

Trekking Downtown

Verona is surrounded by a crown of green hills known as the “Torricelle”. The trek we propose here includes the Torricelle of San Pietro and of San Felice, those closest to the historical centre and therefore the most suited for enjoying extraordinary views of the city from the outside. Following sections of the ancient medieval, Renaissance or Austrian walls, the excursion crosses through the Veronetta district, coasts along the Giusti Gardens, ascends the alleys of San Giovanni in Valle up to the balcony of Castel San Pietro for an encompassing view of the theatre’s Roman remains.

Garda - Verona's Bluest Lake

Lake Garda is a fragment of the Mediterranean Sea placed at the feet of the Alps. Italy’s largest lake possesses at the same time the radiant, aggressive beauty of the South and the dusky melancholy of the North. Lake Garda is a small sea nestled between three provinces: Trento to the North, Brescia to the West and Verona to the East, and it is this eastern Riviera, covered in the rippling silvery tops of the olive groves that we invite you to discover in two tours, 5 or 8 hours long.

family tours

Safari Family Tour in Verona

Safari is a family tour: it is a game that we play in the streets and the squares. It is an experimental and creative voyage made to live on in the kids’ (and parents!) memory. Using brushes, chalks, papers, markers, a map, a rope we walk to the main sites of Verona city center, but instead of giving and hearing explanations, we experience the place: we take water from a fountain, we listen to the city’s voices, we walk blindfolded, we count arches and statues, make sketches and more.


Romeo & Juliet Tour

The two young lovers, Romeo and Juliet, are still – incredibly! – alive in the hearts and minds of those arriving in Verona. Like travellers of bygone times, we will visit the 14th century spots of Verona that acted as background to the most unfortunate and yet most famous and represented love story in the world. Will love until death, passion and courage, tenderness and dedication ever fall out of fashion?

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Prestige Amarone Wine Tour

Sick of standard wine tours, sick of busy routes? Love, instead, strong personality in both people and wines? Choose our prestige Amarone tour. Experience with us the most secret and wildest Amarone valleys: unexplored, peaceful sites, where green is THE colour and others don’t go.


Taverns and Wine

A stroll through Verona’s historical centre, along the banks of the Adige river and in the medieval alleys in search of the more folkloristic areas and of good wine. You will learn about the historical reasons behind the presence of the wine taverns and you will be introduced to the local territorial wines: the white Custoza, Durello, Lugana and Soave, the red Valpolicella and the renowned Amarone.


Verona Gourmet

On our food tour we share the enthusiasm and pleasure of discovering the most interesting food places in town. You’ll have a choice of dishes at several different establishments during this four course meal.  At the end of the tour we take you to the best espresso coffee place in town. The tour includes guide service, food tastings, water.


wine tour

Vineyards Among Turreted Walls: The Ancient town of Soave

For centuries Soave, protected by its medieval walls and dominated by its castle, was a military outpost used for defence. The real “lord” of this land, however, was – and still is – the golden nectar that comes from the vineyards flourishing on the surrounding hills. As you amble along dry walls covered in trailers and passionflower, the majesty of the manor bears on you as you gaze at the row of turrets and the annular development of the inner baileys. The portal giving access to the castle is like a time gate, for as you cross it the ancient sagas of captains and lords spring to life around you.


Rice Paddies and Rice Mills: Tour of the Vialone Nano Veronese

The local rice is a PGI (protected geographical indication), the only one in Italy, which means it is of great quality and highly nutritious, ideal for risotto. Thus our tour through the orderly country fields lined by the spring-water canals and lines of poplars, showing us the origins of this noble cereal, the reasons for its presence in the Verona area and the techniques used for cultivating and processing it.


art tours

Castelvecchio Painting Gallery

The castle of Cangrande II della Scala is a pristine structure straight from the Middle Ages with a moat and draw-bridges, angular towers, a majestic donjon and a bridge crossing the river, at once audaciously structured and yet romantic and evocative. The castle hosts the city’s richest museum, the curator of which from the 50’s to the 70’s was the famous architect Carlo Scarpa. The gallery of sculptures provides an impressive walk through powerful 14th century works of sacred art that richly interpret the period’s dramatic expressionism.


The Laughing San Zeno

This tour begins in the square of the church dedicated to the patron saint of Verona, Saint Zeno, defined and hemmed in by the facade, the bell tower, the abbey tower and the San Procolo chapel. Saint Zeno holds some of the city’s most important artistic artefacts, such as the bronze doors depicting stories from the Old and New Testaments and Andrea Mantegna’s gold and brilliantly coloured altar-piece. A more folkloristic note is provided by the patron saint’s statue that bestows a gentle and friendly smile on all its visitors.

The Cathedral and its District

The Cathedral complex, dedicated to Santa Maria Matricolare, stands on the right bank of the Adige river and is strongly identified by its spire-less white bell-tower. Through the silent and peaceful cloister, one of the most beautiful in Verona, one enters the small church of S. Elena. In summer you can also enjoy the simple elegance of the Romanesque baptistery, topping the visit in the cathedral’s marble-clad naves that showcase Titian’s beautiful Assumption of the Virgin.

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The Giusti Garden

Nestling at the feet of the hills, hidden from sight by a tall stone wall, the Giusti Gardens open up to us like a coffer with its unexpectedly fascinating jewels within. As we stroll along the lanes lined with boxwood, typical of the formal Italian garden, we can listen to the gurgling of the fountains graced by classical statues from ancient times. We can lose our way in our attempt to reach the centre of the labyrinth and then rest under the centuries-old cypress that inspired Goethe and other artists on their Grand Tour.


Verona in Roman Times

Welcome to the city that is second only to Rome as regards quantity of Roman artefacts! The city’s historical centre still expresses the ancient Roman city planning style with the “cardo” (the main North-South axis) that intersected with the “decumanus” (the main East-West axis). In following them, we will see a truly large amount of Roman remains of excellent quality

The Liberty Style in Verona

We will see two or three-storied detached or semi-detached buildings each surrounded by a small garden, all still functioning as private dwellings. These homes all show their architects’ common quest for harmony between the architectural plan and the decorations (stone or cement reliefs, tempera embellishments, wrought iron elements, stained-glass windows). The tour includes the exteriors only.

Verona's Frescoes

The tour will visit houses in the city’s centre as well as some on the outskirts, but in all cases decorated by maestros of the art. Indeed, Verona’s artists for centuries led the way in the art of wall-painting, setting up busy workshops often handed down through generations and much sought after by rich clients.

Borghetto and the Sigurt Garden Park

At the ford of the Mincio river now stands Borghetto, one of Italy’s most charming villages, graced by water mills, pristine vegetation and the glorious bridge of the Visconti.

We offer two itineraries, one 2 hours long and the other 4.