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Private Verona E bike tour

The highlights of Verona by E bike, for you only!

A 2 hour E bike ride alongside the Adige river and through lesser known beautiful districts of Verona.
Freedom to move, at your pace.

We’ve spent the past years crafting our own style of private tours that has now turned out to be more resonant—and necessary—than ever. For our bike tour the essence remains unchanged: you have the flexibility to go your own pace, as independent as you like.

If you have just few hours to see the highlights of Verona, this personalized bike tour is the right one. You quickly reach major landmarks that are outside the pedestrian area of Verona, sometimes through backroads.

Enjoy a gentle cycle ride alongside the inspiring Adige river and inside the cozy city center. A pleasant way to see Verona: easy routes and streets with little traffic, frequent stops for picture taking. Explore our city attractive blend of history and great architecture on this Verona bike tour. In short time you see iconic sites and some hidden places cycling around with city bikes. Main sights: Arena, Castelvecchio with its Medieval bridge, S. Zeno Basilica, the river Adige, the Art Nouveau villas of Borgo Trento, the church S. Giorgio, the Roman Bridge and Theatre, the Veronetta district. Bike riding is really popular: with no negative effects on the environment, it provides plenty of endorphins to bikers (... and to the guide!)

Our bike tour gives priority to important districts of Verona that are outside the pedestrian area.
At the end of the tour, after leaving the bike the rental, if you have extra time available, you can add 1 hour guided walk to see Verona downtown better: Piazza Erbe, Piazza Signori, the tombs of the Della Scala and the Juliet's house.

  • Join an eco-friendly tour
  • Experience part of the old city center together with the river banks ant the outer districts
  • Cycle around the Arena
  • Bike by the Medieval drawbridges of Castelvecchio
  • Know the places where locals live and meet.
  • Get inspired by the fast-flowing green Adige.
Duration: 2 hours min 1 - max 6 people

The pricing of the 2 hour bike tour is from Eu 175 to Eu 265 including private guide and E bike rental. 

This  private Verona E bike tour lasts 2 hours.

It is offered in the following languages: English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.

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